Rifaximin-d6 (Major)

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CAS: 1262992-43-7
Size: 1mg
Names and Synonyms: 4-Deoxy-4’-methylpyridol[1’,2’-1,2]imidazo[5,4-c]rifamycin SV-d6; Rifamycin L 105-d6; Rifaxidin-d6; L-105-d6; Fatroximin-d6; Normix-d6; Rifacol-d6; Xifaxan-d6;
Formula: C43H45D6N3O11
Molecular Weight: 791.92
Application Notes: Non-absorbable semisynthetic Rifamycin antibiotic.
References: Brufani, M., et al.: J. Antibiot., 37, 1611 (1984), Gillis, J.C., et al.: Drugs, 49, 467 (1995), Huang, D.B., et al.: J. Infection, 50, 97 (2005),
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